My name is Daniel Cardona, and this is where I'm supposed to say something meaningful and profound about myself and all of the amazing things that I do as a photographer. The truth is, though, it's all very simple. I catch light in a box and use it to tell a story.

When I started loving photography about 20 years ago, it was with one camera, one lens and a 35mm film roll. I thought I could somehow turn my life-long love of photography into a new career. Today, there are a few more cameras and a few more lenses, and I specialize in weddings and special events, as well as portraits, advertising, and studio photography. Thanks to Zaffarese Group, Custom lab ltd, Photocity and great clients, interesting subjects, and a lot of encouragement along the way from family, the life-long love of photography is stronger than ever, and shows in every image. Now after 20 years I realize that I have so much more to learn and that clients are very important in my life, let's face it word of mouth is where most photographers get referrals. So I decided its time to have my own studio in 264 Bwieraq street Bkara

Yes I will answer your call whenever you need my service and backup. And I'm good enough to picture your ideas.

Check out my portfolio and drop me a line.

Daniel Cardona

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